I had a very interesting conversation with someone last week about coaching.
The person I was meeting (for the first time) has had an extremely successful career to date, and the meeting gave me some great insight into his success, and it was very enjoyable. During the discussion my own business came up and it’s fair to say that he was somewhat skeptical about coaching and the value that it can bring.
This was an interesting situation for me, as coming from a corporate environment in which coaching was an accepted way to support people in their development, this was my first real encounter with a coaching ‘nonbeliever’!
In the world of sales, I would train people on developing their ‘elevator pitch’. You know the scenario – you are walking to the lift at work and when you get in your Director asks you:
“So, Chris, what are you working on at the moment?”
You have got 30 seconds to deliver an impactful soundbite to them. You want that soundbite to be clear, cohesive and easily understood. But most importantly you want it to be remembered.
Now I am not suggesting that we should be out there ‘selling’ coaching, far from it.
However, this did make me think about what my ‘elevator pitch’ would be to the question “What is Coaching?” How do I make sure that I am able to articulate, very simply, the benefits of coaching to someone who may not be as convinced as I am?
So here goes….my elevator pitch for “What is coaching?”
Coaching is creating a trusting environment in which people
…have the time and space to think and reflect.
…can create and explore their goals and ambitions.
…can challenge their assumptions.
…can unravel the ‘complicated’ thoughts in their heads.
…can develop motivation.
…can take ownership.
I am sure there are many other things that could be added to the list, but if I had just 30 seconds, this is what I would say.
We all need some form of coaching intervention at some stage in our lives, whether that be to achieve personal or career goals.
Good coaching is very powerful. It does all the above and more. It helps create momentum and clarity for even the toughest challenges.
What would your elevator pitch be?